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Tokyo Broadcasting System

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Animation  •  Anime  •  Comedy  •  Drama  •  Romance

So exactly what’s going to happen when Hachiman Hikigaya, an isolated high school student with no friends, no interest in making any and a belief that everyone else’s supposedly great high school experiences are either delusions or outright lies, is coerced by a well meaning faculty member into joining the one member “Volunteer Services Club” run by Yukino Yukinoshita, who’s smart, attractive and generally considers everyone in her school to be her complete inferior?

Season 3

  1. 01. In Due Time, the Seasons Change and the Snow Melts 1
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    Oregairu - S03E01-Judas[TGx] 317.7 MB 7 Jul 10, 2020

Season 2

  1. 01. Nobody Knows Why They Came to the Service Club
  2. 02. His and Her Love Confessions Will Reach No One
  3. 03. Quietly, Yukinoshita Yukino Makes a Decision.
  4. 04. And Then, Yuigahama Yui Makes a Declaration
  5. 05. The Scent of Tea Doesn't Fill That Room Anymore
  6. 06. Without Incident, The Congress Dances, But Does Not Progress.
  7. 07. Yet, That Room Continues to Play Out the Endless Days.
  8. 08. But Still, Hikigaya Hachiman Is...
  9. 09. And, Yukinoshita Yukino Is...
  10. 10. The Thing That the Light in Each of Their Hands Shines On.
  11. 11. Hayama Hayato Always Responds to Everyone's Expectations.
  12. 12. Still, The Thing He Seeks Is Out of Reach, And He Continues to Mistake What's Real.
  13. 13. Spring, Bound Beneath the Thick Snow, Begins to Sprout.

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