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Install Daily Flick add-on on Kodi 18 Leia

Daily Flick addon for Kodi is available through an external source and not from the official Kodi add-on repository. To get the add-ons from the outside source follow the steps below.

Let Kodi to install add-ons from an external source

1. Open the Settings from the Kodi home screen.

2. Select and open the next option System.

3. Highlight the item Add-on on the list on the left of the screen, then go to the right of the screen and turn on/enable Unknown sources.

4. When prompted, choose Yes. This warning message is for the unsafe addons. Daily Flick is definitely a safe add-on.

Specific installation steps for Daily Flick add-on

1. Download the zip file for the Daily Flick repository below. Save the zip file in a known place like the "Downloads" or "Desktop" folder, you will need the file immediately. Once installed this will tell Kodi where to find the latest Daily Flick add-on and subsequent updates.

Download repository as zip file

Note: if your browser automatically decompressed the zip file after the download do the following: hover on the button above, right-click on it to open the contextual menu and select the "Download Linked File As..." or similar item instead.

2. Open the Kodi Settings again.

3. Now head back to the Kodi home screen and click Add-ons.

4. Open the Package Installer icon.

5. Click Install from zip file.

6. Navigate with the browser dialog until you reach the repository-dailyflick-1.0.0.zip file you downloaded on the step 1. Once selected click OK.

7. Once installed the repository, stay on the same Add-on browser window but this time select Install from repository.

8. Click on the Daily Flick repository.

9. Click on the Video add-ons.

10. Click on the Daily Flick to open the add-on detail window.

11. Click on the Install to install the add-on.

13. Kodi will list all the packages required to make the add-on to work. You might have several of them installed already. Click OK to start installing the add-on. Please give Kodi a few moments to download and install all the files.

12. All set! You will find the Daily Flick icon in the usual Kodi Add-ons section.

Note: The Libtorrent add-on is installed together the Daily Flick one and it is essential to make it work.

Add-on settings

Daily Flick is configured using Add-on Settings dialog in Kodi. Initially all options are set to reasonable default values. If everything works smoothly you don't likely need to change option values.

Torrents section

Folder for downloading files

Specifies folder where torrents are downloaded to. If this setting is empty torrents are downloaded to Kodi cache folder.

Note: Daily Flick works as a normal torrent client so it requires full space for downloading streamed files. Make sure that you have enough space on the disk where Daily Flick downloads files to, and connect an external storage (like a hard disk or a flash drive) if necessary. This especially applies to embedded systems (Raspberry Pi, Android devices, etc.) that have limited primary storage. For such systems downloading on an external storage is strongly recommended.

Download speed limit and Upload speed limit (KB/s)

Limits total download and upload speeds.

Days to keep video files for

Number of days to keep downloaded video files and torrent information before deletion.

Streaming section

Buffer duration (seconds)

At the beginning of video streaming Daily Flick downloads the first piece of a video and tries to determine its duration. If video duration is determined successfully, then the initial buffer size is calculated based on this setting.

Fallback buffer size (MB)

If Daily Flick fails to determine video duration, it uses this value as a fallback. For .ts/.m2ts videos this value is always used because Daily Flick cannot determine duration of those files.

Sliding window length

The length of the sliding window in pieces. Higher values can increase download speed but also increases buffering time.

Advanced section

Daily Flick sever port

The port Daily Flick built-in HTTP sever listens to. Daily Flick sever supports JSON-RPC interface and serves video files to Kodi.

Torrent client port

The port used by Daily Flick torrent client that is based on Libtorrent library. Libtorrent supports automatic port mapping via UPnP, so usually your network router is configured automatically.

If automatic port mapping fails for some reason, it is recommended to forward this port from your router to the machine on which Kodi runs. Details on manual port forwarding can be found in the documentation for your network router model.

Libtorrent version

The version of Libtorrent library. This setting has a reasonable default value so change it only if you have serious issues with torrent downloading/streaming and if you know what you are doing.

Note that your platform might not have a necessary version and in this case the closest available version is used.

Enable peer encryption

Encrypt traffic between torrent peers.

Max. connections

The maximun number of connections Libtorrent initiates. For slower systems and/or older router models this setting can be decreased to improve overall system/network performance.

Timeout before pausing on a missing piece (seconds)

If during video streaming Daily Flick stumbles upon a torrent piece that has not been downloaded yet, it waits for this piece for a specified amount of time and then pauses the video being played to continue waiting until the piece is downloaded.

Bigger value prevents frequent pausing if a torrent has many "stalled" pieces, but Kodi may abort playback by timeout.